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- Provide sustainably produced, high quality, affordable greens and vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers, fish and other edibles
- Operate within our local foodshed
- Operate in ways that respect the environment, connect people with nature, promote abundance, and lift the spirit
-  Strengthen community health, individual health, environmental health and economic health
-  Strive to make our products available and accessible to everyone as much as possible
-  Endeavor to work with patterns of nature to reinforce, re-strengthen, accentuate and maximize the natural systems that we interrelate with

- Promote our enterprise and make a decent living
-  Continually refine and enhance our operation and methods emphasizing ethical pathways and boundaries from a holistic view of the world we live in  
- Be conscious and respectful of place, heritage, the past and the present
-  Apply the understanding that the systems of life, including people, function together as a whole

- most of all enjoy what we do 

Waterhouse Gardens is  a family owned market farm located in Brighton, CO.

We specialize in producing unique greens and vegetables, herbs and other edibles.

We operate using sustainable methods.

Our Mission
Waterhouse Gardens' mission is to be a resource serving community, nature and our own family through responsible and meaningful involvement with sustainable farming and food production.

We believe that great whole foods in their unadulterated natural states are an integral part of overall health and well being.

We endeavor to take the time to enjoy life.

Guiding Principles

Louisville Farmers Market !
Come check out our stand at the Louisville Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9 - 1  Woo Hoo!

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Who We Are

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Waterhouse Gardens
When we imagined being "farmers" it seemed like paradise, an exquisite utopia, but to be honest it really is hard work. It's not at all perfect, it can hurt sometimes, we are not even sure we can be successful at it. But the more we pursue it, the more we realize the value of what we are doing. There is something special about farming. The interaction with the soil, the sunshine, the plants. It just seems to makes sense.

We come from traditional farming backgrounds in the Midwest. Ironically though neither of us know very much about it. We were removed from that tradition as our parents and grand-parents shifted focus to other ways of making a living. This is both a blessing and a curse since on one hand we don't have the history and experience to build on but on the other hand we can reconnect with that heritage with a fresh perspective bringing together the best practices unhindered by a "traditional" framework.

A Market farm:

welcome to Waterhouse Gardens!