Mojito Mint
Need we say more? Refreshing!
Be on the lookout for other varieties ongoing including Peppermint and Mountain Man Mint.
Supa Choi... to the rescue!

What's that? Simon is stuck in the well?

Our Choi varieties are awesome in a salad,

stir-fry or even in smoothies. Really! Try it.

Jucier than a tall building!

Sweet Meadows
tat tvam asi - you are what you eat.......
Once you arrive at Sweet Meadows, your journey is complete.  This is what you have been waiting for. A mix of  Sugar Pea Greens, Garnet Red Amaranth, Wild Cabbage, Red Russian Kale, Mitzuna, and other sweet surprises.

Our Products:

Red Rainbow

What's at the end of this rainbow? It's You!

An earthy mix of bulls blood beet, early wonder tall top beet, rainbow and yellow chard. Wait, what's at the beginning of this rainbow?

Sunflower Greens
A luscious and lively addition to any meal!
Packed with vitamins too. We discovered these kind of by accident, decided to try them and oh man! I can't believe we never knew about this. These are awesome!
Pepper Grass
Snappy cress!
People really seem to love this stuff and we feel the same way. Use as a spicy addition to salad or any dish.
Rocket Ship

It's all about the journey, isn't it?  Get there in style with your own personal Rocket Ship!   3...2...1...ARUGULA!

Sweet & Sour

Short and sweet! Peas and Purslane!

I'm confused now, which is in what?

Power Greens
For Strong Salads ...

Waterhouse Gardens

Pea Shoots
Can't go wrong with these peas. Sweet addition to any salad or good on their own too! Tastes Soooo Good! Comments include: ooooo, mmmmmm and oh my!
Basil Bliss
Variable varieties of basil to brighten your day!
Genovese, Lemon, Sweet Tai, Sacred and more, just ask and we'll grow it. We love Basils. 
Heat & Sweet
Heat up those summer nights! Radish and/or Cress and Pea Greens.
Simon's Savory Asian Greens

Superlative Asian Greens. Simon says - you should eat this!  Savor these succulent springs of summer all year long. A mix of mitzuna, tokyo bekana, red komatsuna, tat soi, ruby streaks, yukina savoy, red choi, and Simon's Spicy Selections. Wow! Yum! Hooyaa!

Hot & Sour

 Pucker up! Radish and/or Cress and Purslane.

Wild man.

Bohemian Grandma
Beautiful...Unique... and super good for you! An extra special mix of kohlrabi, dill, broccoli, pepper grass, red cabbage, turnip, and purslane greens. Just like Grandma these greens will put you right as rain.
Thanks Grandma!